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Shortcoming in transport 

From the capital 

The only traveling method from Hanoi to Cao Bang is 6 hours of car driving through difficult terrain on two inland road systems: National highway 3 (Hanoi – Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan – Cao Bang) or 4A (Hanoi – Lang Son – Cao Bang). 

From the other famous destination

Cao Bang and Ha Giang are two points in the Northeast mountain region. There are not many transport options for tourists. There is only one bus running around 7 – 8 hours. Tourists can reserve the seat in advance through the hotel staff in Ha Giang. 

There is no direct bus from Sa Pa to Cao Bang Vietnam. Normally people have to turn back to Ha Noi capital and take the other bus from Ha Noi to Ban gioc falls. Tourist usually take a bus from Sapa to Ha giang province, and then from Ha Giang to Cao Bang.

Shortcomings in policies 

For a long time, cao bang is not in the priority development list of the central government. That’s why Cao Bang is still underdeveloped. If there is interest from the government, projects in Cao Bang transportation construction will be carried out quickly and play a prerequisite role in economic development in general and tourism development in particular. 

Shortcomings in human resource 

The quality of human resources in the locality is limited and unprofessional, especially in tourism. Because the population in Cao Bang is from ethnic minorities, they have little experience in knowledge and skills in the service industry. Cao Bang is a remote area with the poor economy, it does not attracted the quality human resources. 

Shortcomings in Tourism products 

The number of tours in Cao Bang is still small. Tourism products are not diverse. 

Shortcomings in Tourism Infrastructure 

Infrastructure for tourism is underdeveloped. There are only more than 30 listing on (an international online travel agency), inwhich there is 1 four-star resort (near Ban Gioc waterfall), the others are two-star, one-star, or unrated. 

Some information about development of tourism infrastructure in Cao Bang: 

“With consulting from UNESCO experts, the province has essentially completed the construction of physical infrastructure developments in 3 routes to the Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark, comprising 43 tourist and sightseeing sites such as 5 Geopark information and promotion centers of the Geopark, 3 extra-curriculum education clusters, 20 Geopark partners, 21 parking lots and sightseeing places, 29 Geopark traffic signs, 34 illustration signs at each tourist site and 9 welcoming gates at the Geopark. In the future, Cao Bang will continue to do the best in order to secure more efficient operation of the geopark in association with sustainable tourism to satisfy a surging number of visitors.”

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