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Land of Natural values

Non nuoc cao bang unesco global geopark which was officially recognized by unesco in 2018. 

Land of Historical – Cultural values: 

− Having remnants of the Prehistory; 

− Having a long-established revolution tradition 

− Habitat of 28 ethnic minorities (account for 95% population) with different development histories, languages and customs those help enriching the province’s cultural and spiritual life; 

Location is close to Guangxi province – a relatively developed area of China. 


The most critical shortcoming is the poor backbone TRANSPORT infrastructure. 

Shortcomings in policies, development orientation of the state. Is Cao Bang on the list of government’s priority development in the near future? 

Shortcomings in human resource quality. The quality of human resources in the locality is limited and unprofessional. 

Tourism products and services are not diverse. 

Infrastructure for tourism is underdeveloped

And Potentail

Cao Bang is beginning to garner more attention from adventurous travelers looking to get away from the overcrowded and over visited tourist areas and wanting to experience the rugged beauty of the frontier region. Because of its northerly location, Cao Bang is cooler than the rest of Vietnam. Some of the higher peaks sometimes see snowfall in, particularly cold bouts. The cooler climes, rich forests and fresh air make Cao Bang a great nature escape which leaves visitors feeling refreshed and full of appreciation for the beauty of nature. 

Sa Pa and Ha Giang have become a case study when there is no development strategy from the beginning, now it is being exhausted and losing their core values. Contrary to the exhausted exploitation of Sa Pa or Ha Giang, Cao Bang remains a fertile ground for tourism development. Cao Bang has a lot of potential for developing eco-tourism and community tourism, towards the sustainable tourism trend of the world in order to preserve cultural and ecological values. 

However, it takes a lot of effort to awake an “oversleeping bird” so that in one day it can spread its wings and fly. In order to achieve the target of tourism becoming a crucial economic sector, it is necessary to have a coordinated and synchronous development in policies, transportation-social-tourism infrastructure; cooperation in tourism development with China. 

An issue to note is that for sustainable and high development, it is necessary for Cao Bang government to have a planning map of tourism projects as well as a long-term strategy for exploitation and development associated with conservation and preservation of the indigenous values. 

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