Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Anh was born and raised in Da Lat, Lam Dong- the land of drew and flowers. Carrying a love and passion for nature since childhood, Hoang Anh followed her father to graft roses for many farmers in Da Lat, followed her father fishing in Tuyen Lam Lake, or pick wild flowers with her friends on Da Lat hillsides, and immerse yourself in some programs to discover the world of flora and fauna.

In high school, Hoang Anh studied in the Literature class at Thang Long School- a famous school training many talented people in Lam Dong. Although her major is in Literature, Hoang Anh still keeps her passion for biology and wishes to become a biology teacher to satisfy her love of nature. However, Hoang Anh decided to learn  tourism satisfying her desire to travel around and learn the unique cultures of Vietnam and the world.

In 2008, after many years of effort, Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Anh graduated valedictorian in Tourism Management of Van Lang University.

In 2009, Hoang Anh started working in the service industry as an international tour guide and participated in tourism training in Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2012, with the mindset that “where ever you go, you will return”, Hoang Anh decided to return to her hometown to start a business and the story of  “How Hana Group begins” started from there.

During the process of working and pursuing agriculture, Hoang Anh has set her foot on 59/63 provinces of Vietnam. Go to remote areas where natural agriculture and indigenous culture of the ethnic groups have been preserved for generations. No hesitation to climb passes and wade streams to get to the primeval forests to discover plants and resources from the green forest. Not only that, Hoang Anh has also set foot in many different  cities and countries around the world and thoroughly understands the culture, lifestyle, economy and tourism of the places she has passed. These include countries in Asia such as Thailand, Cambodia, Korea and Japan. Europe such as Russia. America is like USA with all major US cities, including visiting organic farming in California, visiting organic food stores in New York, Los Angeles, Washington…

While working in the agricultural industry, Hoang Anh has the opportunity to join the world’s agricultural organizations such as TOA to assess the current status of chemical farming in the Mekong and Butane sub-regions. Expanding the network to many countries and going to Thailand and Laos twice to participate in conferences and study in this international network.

From the return day, Hoang Anh has many achievement not only in Business but also in her long-life study:

–         Graduated valedictorian primary course for managing restaurants and small and medium hotels of Dalat College of Tourism and took many excellent licenses in some courses of Barista, Coffee shop owner,…

–         Graduated CEO Action training course of Action Coach, CEO SG04 course of group Management and Entrepreneurship- the largest CEO community in Vietnam. Graduated from the Mentor class of Mr. Tran Kim Thanh- CEO of KIDO Group Corp.

–         2018: Tripee JSC was one of 17 projects supported by Lam Dong Province to starts a business

–         2018: Hoang Anh was named in the list of typical entrepreneurs of  Lam Dong province

–         In 2019: Top 100 excellent start-up entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Participating in an international conference on tourism with the theme “Sustainable development in tourism in terms of products and human resources”. Hoang Anh shared the story of Hana Group in the context of tourism development with creativity and sustainability.

–         In 2020 Hoang Anh led Hana Dalat to be born and won the third prize of the Startup contest of Provincial group and the first prize of the Techfest Lam Dong contest.

–         October 2020 Hoang Anh was honored to participate in FAO’s International conference in Hanoi with the theme of  ecological agriculture.

–         2020 Hoang Anh became an expert in agricultural tourism and guided young people to start their own businesses as well as participating in many seminars and conferences about community-based tourism, agriculture tourism and participating in an expert group to approve a curriculum on agriculture tourism for Lam Dong Province.

–         2020 established a sustainable agricultural tourism community

–         Being a member of the Executive Committee, having excellent achievements in association work and movement of the Young Entrepreneurs of Lam Dong province for the 2017-2021 term- an award presented by the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Central Association.

–         2021 Elected Delegate to the People’s Council of Ward 4, Da Lat, Lam Dong, term XII, 2021-2026.

–         2021 launches official website, fanpage, Youtube channel and podcast for Hoang Anh Da Lat

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