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What is agricultural tourism?

Hello everyone, my name is Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Anh, CEO of Hana Group Company which has a value chain of Tourism and Agriculture.

Within 3 years running Hana Land under eco-agriculture model, I have met many difficulties

Although I graduated and worked for 15 years in Tourism, taught Tourism in some universities 

Travelled to lots of place in Vietnam and around the world

Operated a restaurant, a homestay and worked in organic agriculture site

I still have to admit that there are so much difficulties and confusion in running Hana Land

With my experience in business, I looked for a mentor in Tourism and Agriculture in Vietnam and even the world.

I travelled to Thailand, Laos, USA to learn about the models as well as the methods.

I go to everywhere to learn about the agriculture, especially eco-agriculture, and go to Ho Chi Minh city every week to learn about business

I always wonder how to connect agriculture with tourism and how to make a good business interdisciplinary model.

And I had invited PUM Tourism Masters with over 30 years old experience to my business twice

All are surprised and toddler step by step

When Covid-19 affected to every business 

Based on a business interdisciplinary model, I had changed my strategy and plan.

I realised that other business types with high operating cost can be delayed by Covid-19

But the customers are still concerned about agricultural tourism destinations due to its significant advantages in operating cost.

Among FAO’s 10 elements of ecological assessment of Eco agriculture, the sustainability factor of revenue is scored highly  if you have more than 2 sources of revenue mentioned by Fao: Tourism and Agriculture.

Vietnam is an agricultural country but Tourism of Vietnam is still weak and can not compete with neighboring countries.

Therefore, tourism combined with agriculture is a rare competitive advantage

With an S-shape spanning many different climates, Vietnam can completely design unique experiences that is going to be the world’s tourism trends in the future

With the encouragement and trust of many authorities, organizations, experts, friends, I boldly wrote what I did in a more systematic way.

In my opinion, if anyone wants to change their farm to a Farmstay, a check-in farm, or a place for customers’ experience,

This video is “the key” that I collected experience in 3 years, exactly 9 years when I embarked on business, and the basis of nearly 15 years working in Tourism and 8 years in Agriculture.

The video includes somes advice from my limited personal perspective, and I will continue to be adjusted for improvement in the future.

I sincerely thanks everyone that encourages me share my opinion

Thank you my Teacher- President of a great Corporation

Thanks to Hêpa and FAO for the ecological inspiration to me

Thanks to Ho Thien Ha Event Company in Dalat for helping me record these sharing sessions.

Thank you my family for always supporting and being by my side

Thanks to my partners for helping me run my business so that I have time to share this video

And thanks to my love for big kids

That make me decide and determine time to do this video earlier 

The proceeds from this share will partly donate  to Hana Fund that was built after many days wondering how to support for children in Central of Vietnam after the blood in 2020

It is always late at night when Hana sleeps deeply, I pick up a pen and motivate myself  trying my best to complete this content.

I try to motivate myself to help the children, to plant trees, to make more people not waste more money, time, tears, sweat and blood.

Today I suddenly tore the calendar and read the following quote: “If we can sell experiences at the price we pay, we will all be millionaires.” Abigail Van Buren.

Once again I hope to receive more comments from experts who have been working in Tourism and Agriculture and those who have many years experience in business to improve this  article with more perspectives.

With the desire to build a sustainable community of Agriculture and Farmstay, we would like to connect with those who have been working in this sector around the country.

Together, we will build and create a community like that.

All comments please send to email or call me 093.724.8822.

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