Part 10- Products of Agriculture Tourism

In this section, I will spend my time talking about the tangible products of agri-tourism that are the products from the Farm.

If you plant strawberries in your farm, your products will be strawberries

However, I will show you how I make and sell a product.

How I sell on the spot, and export on the spot with a high price.

Part 11- Volunteers in Agriculture Tourism

In this part, I must be truly shared that the manager of Hana Land has already done excellently

Sometimes, She receives too many text messages and emails that make her lose the important email of customers.

I will show you how she can achieve that!

In general, these are some skills, knowledge, and attitudes that your staff needs to have to join in Agriculture tourism.

Part 12: Business Strategy

I always remember the day I owned a small restaurant.

I hired a staff to do Marketing, when I asked him about the strategy, he answered:

“Strategy is only for big corporations, not for small business models like yours”,

Then for the first time I heard the President of Kido Group shared about the strategy for the Management and Start up group

I find it so confusing, it doesn’t know me and I don’t know it.

But when determined to make an intensive agricultural tourism model, I met him again and became his student.

But even now I still think about strategy like a very sublime thing.

This part is so sublime. After studying for three years, I still wonder “what is the strategy”?

How can I make it strategic?

So this part will be very difficult for anyone who has not known anything about the strategy before.

You may not need to read right now, but to slowly understand and read it later.

Or you can read over and over to understand it day by day.

Just like me now. Keep learning and comprehending something every day

I hope that the content that I share will be most complete, most detailed as a framework, a map for you to achieve your goals.

I do not consider myself an expert or a successful person.

I just say that I confidently dare to rewrite the things that I have done and are concerned.

Writing for myself, for my own personnel.

Writing for the people doing like myself to build a sustainable agriculture tourism community.

To make it a kind of tourism model that helps to change the environment, family, food eating habits …

I hope what I do will help the order of this type of tourism developing sustainably in a sustainable community

Just like that, the expectations of investors will not end up one day because of unsustainable competition.

There will not be a day when the description of agricultural tourism or Farmstay is said to be too abstract and insignificant like other types of tourism.

I sincerely hope that.

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