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When do you think an operations plan will be made? After writing a business model?

If you have that idea, I think you have already lost a lot of money.

An operations plan should be written down before you begin a project, after finishing the business plan and business model.

And the operations plan must be updated regularly as the progresses of project

This is also the basis for you to recruit, you will be able to describe clearly what activities the operation manager needs to do?

From my own experience, at the beginning, you should find for yourself a companion.

Both construction and operation is a way to help your operation manager understand the whole meaning of the project.

Next, the operation manager will replace you with the operation plan for you.

Of course finding this companion was not easy, Hana Land and I met many difficulties with this.

If you do not find, you can not meet it

Finding someone who can convey the business model and concept as well as implementing the plan through operation is so important that if you don’t have the right people in the first stage, you should do it yourself.

Part 7 Marketing Plan

Once you know what your products or services are, you should focus on communication.

The sooner of communication, the faster of level of communication awareness

Today is not like old days, don’t be afraid that people will steal your ideas.

Let’s boldly communicate what you are planning to do, what will be coming?

If the small subjects in this section are not your specialty, I highly recommend you looking for a partner.

Because nobody can do everything alone.

In marketing, there will be a part of branding

But I want to separate it because it is so important to me.

I had to read a lot of books and documents to adjust my actions suitable for branding

After all, that remains in customers’ minds  is the greatest achievement.

Part 8 Actually after part 6, you can already write for your personnel

Personnel in tourism is the key and vital factor.

If you write this part, you will know what kind of person would be suitable for your project and company.

The particularly of the tourism industry is that the personnel determines the success of the business model and occupies the psychology of the customer.

I believe that most of you, like me at first, will find a person whose major is in tourism

But you forgot that agri-tourism is much more specific than the other and it doesn’t have any documents or schools that are relevant to agricultural tourism.

When I wrote these lines, I need to congratulate you that Da Lat will have the first agricultural tourism course in Vietnam.

I still have to criticize for this curriculum to be more complete and more relevant to reality.

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