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Part 9: Operation

Now, we will find out what elements in operating agricultural tourism is? And how will you solve it?

I will go through the chain of tourism in turn.

First is FnB

Fortunately for me, before making an agri-tourism model, I spent more than 5 years running my restaurant.

So I will share with you the details of the things that I have learned, did and wrote.

If you run into an F&B business in the future, you completely can do it.

The fact is that many people asked me why it so complex

Why don’t you make it simple and share it simply?

Do you know why?

Because I spent so much money on those careless first steps.

What I shared is my own lessons that I have gone through, pondered and explored.

I can teach you simple, but then you will also fall into the same hole as I fell. Would you like to lose money for learning?

Besides, tourism, agriculture and business are three things that can not be combined simply.

If you just want to build a garden, you should make it as simple as possible and save time for trees.

But if you want to do an agriculture tourism model, I advise you to prepared your mental to accept many difficulties and mistakes

Because for me, doing business is never easy, doing a new business model in Vietnam like agricultural tourism is harder.

Next is signt-seeing in tourism

The fact is that selling one night at your Farmstay is not easy

But sightseeing in tourism is very easy to sell. Then the design of a tour will make guests pay more and stay longer.

This is a subject I learned in Tourism Management coach, and later I taught to students about designing product in tourism

All have processes, my dear!

For me it was so easy. I  just listen to the customer’s information, find out what they wanted, and a few minutes later there would be a suitable program for that customer.

I think you should read and learn about Design Thinking

Once again I consider it really necessary. To me, fostering creativity through the programs I create is an invaluable asset.

In theory I think someone else can do it for me, but in reality it’s like prescribing medicine by a doctor.

They are confused, lack of data, lack of creativity, lack of logic, lack of experience … to make it a great tour program.

Do not mention what is the story behind it?

Because you design the program for your own place, you cannot be like a travel student who searches on google Dalat tour and copy it into your travel program.

You are doing your own program, no one can model for you.

You should go survey the city where your tourism model is working, visit and connect related agencies, assess potentials

I think there’s plenty of data to make a travel program.

The reason this part should be focused is that you can charge 5 times the total cost of one  person to your area per day.

Because you are selling an experience, not a meal or a room.

Focus on the experience, you will make a tangible product into an invisible product and make a lot of money from it.

That is also the difference between a amatuer seller and a high-class salesman.

There is a small part in this section of designing sightseeing on the farm.

This part, the tourism profession will help you.

Currently, the agricultural tourism training program of Lam Dong as well as the development orientation of this model in Lam Dong is focusing on sightseeing..

So in the lesson plan, it mentions many detailed activities about this content.

It is a profession so it’s easy because you just need to follow the instructions or ask a guide, a professor to help you  if this part make you meet difficulties.

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