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Part 2: Legal in business of Farmstay

It can be said that this is a very difficult problem. Because of many cases of illegal construction on agricultural or forestry land, lots of projects fall into a dilemma.

From my point of view, making a sustainable model means the legal must be valid

Currently, after a period of temporary suspension of licensing for the agricultural tourism model, Lam Dong government  had an official conference

Then, the government properly assessed the potential of agricultural tourism, and then adopted appropriate policies.

Soon, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong will  announce the management framework for this special accommodation type.

In general standard, accommodation must have business registration certificates, fire protection and security.

Especially, the owner of an accommodation must have a “good” legal record. There will be plenty of penalty range if you are not familiar with the legislation.

PART 3: Design in agricultural tourism:

Design thinking is always necessary in this era

So design in agricultural tourism is not just designing or an architect but thinking in design.

The design thinking depends on the project owner who will directly make decisions on his “children”.

Designers and architects are people whose professional knowledge can help project owners turn that thinking into drawings.

Part 4- Next, you have to seriously write a business plan

For young people, business plan is an outdated thing, they will prefer to write business models

But with a big project, you still have a lot of unknowns, a business plan will help you clarify everything before bringing it into the Canvas business model.

After 1 year, 3 years, 5 years looking back, you will have 2 feelings. One is: why did I have so many good ideas at that time but why have I lost all now?

Second is: how could I write these impractical things at that time?

Anyway, I still recommend you to write, and write seriously

I’ll give you the basic outline for writing.

When you write, you will understand that “The step of thousands of miles begins with small things” and no one can help me except myself, I have to make my dream come true.

Don’t count on anyone if you want your “children” at your own

Part 5: The business model is what you must learn next

Because it will create the concept of your business model.

It is a road sign and gives you the flexibility to adjust in case your business is being influenced too much from internal and external factors.

In my opinion, in the 4.0 era, even if you only open a small cafe, there should be a business model.

A clear and detailed business model will help you adjust your strategy easily against fluctuations or crises.

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