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Knowledge about Farmstay

The first part is Knowledge about Farmstay

Once we need to do something, we need to understand what it is

What is Farmstay? How is it different from Homestay, Forest Stay, or Ecostay?

Is it popular in the world? Which country does it well? What about Vietnam?

Does Farmstay have special features compared to other types? From these points there will be problems laters.

If we do not understand the problems, surely we will not know how to completely solve them.

And one question we have to answer in part 1 is why Farm should upgrade to Farmstay and why tourism in Vietnam should have Farmstay as a type of accommodation.

The benefits that Farmstay will bring us beyond accommodation.

To do a good Farmstay, What way of thinking we need to prepare for ourselves?

Should we build a Farmstay that brings sustainability?

A lot of people ask me: “So Farm comes first or Farmstay? What if I don’t have a Farm but want to have a Farmstay? ”

The most frequent question is which factor is: which factor is  more important? Farm or Stay?

I would like to give you 3 perspectives of Government, Tourism and Businessman

The opinion of the government that there absolutely must have Farm first and Farm is an important factor. Without Farm, we can not add Stay as the suffix.

On the other hand, Tourism said that “Stay must be a more important prefix than Farm and you must do the standard of Stay in tourism first”.

So from the perspective of the Businessman, we can set a plan for Farmstay even though we do not know where to start a Farm

The supposition that if you have a vacant lot, the first thing we should think is to do a Farm. A stable Farm will take 3 years, then we do Stay, and it takes 3 years more.

But businessman will set a goal of completing Farmstay within 3 years

They split their roadmap and run both phases at the same time depending on how many percent of doing farm and how many percent of doing Stay each year.

Do you know the reason?

Because businessmen always think how to shorten time because time is very important.

If you need time to do everything, why not do it in the first step, dividing the ratio properly means the set-up  time is also reasonable, both can be on the same goal because we do not have to have three goals.

I learned from a story of my friend. He open a 5-star hotel, at first he thought that he have to build a 5-star hotel in terms of design first, then invite the operating company

But when invited the operator in, they asked to revise the design to suit the 5-star standard required by the partner. So it took a while to edit, and of course it took a lot of money.

We hypothesize that if there is an empty land for the first time, the investor invites the operator in and the two sides work together on a roadmap, review the design and take over the project. Then how much money and time will we waste?

We often meet this problem in business

The thesis that I receive is: “Upgrading Farm to Farmstay”

So I assume you already have a Farm, now you want to have more income and build Farmstay.

And the object is those who are working in agriculture wanting to do tourism and do business that they have never known.

The objects clearly does not come from Tourism and Business

So hopefully the way I lead will take people working in Agriculture as the foundation and go into depth on the Travel and Business section.

So for those working in tourism and business find that my way of leading is different from your  thinking, please leave a comment below because the goal of this Program is how farmers can do tourism.

However, as I said I still want to solve the problem of upgrading Farm to Farmstay, but I will still share in depth about the business because in general no matter what we do, If we are not profitable and  proactive we will not be sustainable.

I do not mean to teach Farmers to become masters of the Farmstay business but with this platform and advanced knowledge we can consider ourselves what we are good at and what we have not done yet?

What we are good at, we do it well. What we are not good at, we can learn by ourselves or find someone good to help us. So do I.

Because investing in Farmstay need  a lot of money, don’t bet your luck in this game

This guide I learned from the educational method of developed countries called Concentric Circle. And upgrading content will also come from puzzle pieces in the circle.

So in the future it is up to your decision that you do the basics or you upgrade it.

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