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Dalat, one of the well-known tourist destinations of Vietnam, has only been 128 years of formation and development since it was founded by the Swiss French Doctor- ALEXANDRE ÉMILE JEAN YERSIN in 1893. From that day, Dalat became the metropolis of resort for the French beginning a glorious period for the history of Dalat city.

Absolutely! It was not a coincidence that Yersin discovered Dalat when being on his path from Phan Rang. The fact is that it was the directive of Gouverneur-général de l’Indochine française that required to find a location with a mild climate all year round, minimum altitude 1200m, and no large-scale construction that will be effortless for the Indochina government to conduct methodical planning projects, to communicate with lowland, to construct a hydropower plants, ect….Then Dankia, where Yersin first set his foot on the Langbiang Plateau, has met these requirements.

In order to build this land into a resort metropolis for the French instead of returning to the motherland, the Indochina Government conducted many surveys. Plenty of surveys were carried out and the chosen location was no longer Dankia but Da Lat ie Da Lach, the residential area of the Lach ethnic minority with a stream flowing through.  What is the reason that the french choose Da Lat instead of Dankia? Let’s find out through Hoang Anh’s blog!

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