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Agriculture Tourism

In Dalat, Agriculture Tourism is called “Cultivation Tourism”

These are the two terms I will use throughout my video.

I would like to use the term “Cultivation tourism” more because I was born and raised in Dalat which  inspired me a lot to study tourism and to work in agriculture.

It also inspires me in creating products and services.

I would like to share more about the term “Agriculture tourism”. Each country has a different calling but when it comes to Dalat, the local government decided to choose “Cultivation Tourism” because Dalat is a city created by French.

One of the five things that Da Lat is building the brand name “Dalat- miraculously crystallizes from the blessed land” is agricultural tourism.

If someone thinks that agriculture tourism or Farmstay is causing deforestation and less sustainable economic development, I would like to share a very sustainable perspective of agriculture and farmstay through my story.

If we do it right, we will bring value to our community.

The thread of Clean Agriculture is: “How to upgrade Farm to Farmstay for farmers who know nothing about business and tourism.”

However when I write down the outline, I still want us to build a quality farmstay community.

But the fact that quality is not easy. We must be careful and have a full picture so that the farmers can know how to solve their problems

If it’s too difficult, we should integrate resources and find the right person to collaborate.

The war of the 4.0 era is not for anyone with simple and over-the-top thinking. It is a fierce battle in seizing the customer psychology

What does my sharing include? And it is suitable for who? And how can it help you? Everything will be clarified in the following videos.

First of all, I have to note that this video suitables for:

Those who are doing Agriculture/Farming want to have another source of revenue in addition to the agricultural products they harvest.

For those who are doing Tourism want to learn about the quite hot type of tourism

For businessmen who are looking for a new business model that is consistent with current experience trends.

However, in this sharing, I will focus on the main object of Farmer

With the desire to solve the real problem of upgrading a Farm to Farmstay, I noticed in the process of  my business that there also met the following problems.

In addition, the operating model of a tourist attraction is only like a tourist attraction.

I have to mention that accept the terms Farmstay, we also need to know Farm Tour, Farm Food, Farm check-in, and other services at Farm.

It is a value chain with many pieces of the picture for a sustainable agricultural tourism picture. So, together we will explore this ecosystem in detail.

Especially, in the main content I will mention more about Farmstay because this is a hot accommodation type today.

See you in the next video with farmstay perspectives.

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